What is Netfloc? NETwork FLOws for Clouds (Netfloc) is SDN-based SDK for datacenter network programming. It is comprised of set of tools and libraries packed as Java bundles that interoperate with the OpenDaylight controller. Netfloc exposes REST API abstractions and Java interfaces for network programmers to enable optimal integration in cloud datacenters and fully SDN-enabled end-to-end management of OpenFlow enabled switches.

Why OpenDaylight as SDN controller?

OpenDaylight is hosting one of the biggest growing community for network programability and NFV support that has gone beyond being just being SDN controller. It supports variety of networking projects, standards and protocols.

Work in progress

Currently Netfloc provides library support for OpenStack tenant-based network graph management and traversal. It is based on the following OpenDaylight features: mdsal, openflowplugin and ovsdb (see Architecture. It also provides a support for the northbound OpenStack Neutron ML2 plugin APIs. Check Netfloc status for the latest updates and the Roadmap section for upcoming milestones.

Architecture Design

Check the Netfloc architecture for overall architecture, components and their implementation details and examples.


See further details on:

Netfloc instalation and adminisatrion

Netfloc programmers guide

Netfloc APIs

The Service Function Chain basic APIs are fully functional at the moment. Netfloc defines API Specification for the following network resources, for which development of Northbound APIs has been scheduled:

For more detailed information: Netfloc APIs

Netfloc status

Currently Netfloc implements libraries to support for the following applications:


Next milestone for Netfloc is to provide application examples based on the supported libraries. New libraries to be implemented:


Netfloc is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0.