Welcome to the Gatekeeper module istallation guide. This package is written in Go programming language. It is a simple, lightweight authentication, authorization tool.

DISCLAIMER: This is not the GateKeeper and GateKeeperPassport authentication using SASL mechanism that was developed by Microsoft for MSN chat! The name choice is purely coincidental.

Installation (Manual)

Step 1: Install Go runtime

Please follow the download and install instrictions located here: Also you need to prepare your environment for optimal Go experience. Please read and follow the helpful instructions found here:

Step 2: Installing Gatekeeper

After you have cloned the source code in the proper source directory structure as specified in the guides mentioned above, installing Gatekeeper is very easy. Simply follow these steps -

  1. From inside the source folder where you copied the Gatekeeper files, simply run go get
  2. Then run go install
  3. If you followed the environment setup instructions, you should be able to launch Gatekeeper by simply typing auth-utilsfrom any place.
  4. Alternatively, from within the source folder where Gatekeeper code files were copied into, do go run *.go to launch the m-service.
The service will start at port 8000 if you did not change in the configuration file.

Installation (Automated)

The installation script included has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04-03 64 bit release.
  1. Make the script executable: chmod +x
  2. Run it, sit back and relax: ./

API and Usage Guide

Please see the gatekeeper API example snippets, for more details

Word of caution

This is a v0 release, the code is under active development with features being added rapidly.

Use gatekeeper.cfg to control program parameters such as ports, log and database files, etc.


Development Team